You may find a fully-functioning demo version of OpenSkedge running at The application resets itself every day at 00:00 UTC. The username is admin and the password is admin.


Read the wiki article on installation and upgrading.

Deployment on Pagoda Box

Read the section on Pagodabox deployment on the installation & upgrading article.


What is OpenSkedge?

OpenSkedge is a reinvention of Employee Scheduler, a flexible employee scheduling application designed for companies and organizations (such as education institutions with student workers) which require fluid shift scheduling.

What is OpenSkedge not?

OpenSkedge is not a general purpose, or a one-stop everything-but-the-kitchen-sink scheduling application. It’s for assigning positions to people at certain times during certain time periods that they have marked themselves available. It won’t schedule your meetings (at least, not yet).

Who is behind OpenSkedge?

Max Fierke, an open-source developer and student at the University of Minnesota. He does a lot of other stuff too. He created OpenSkedge during his winter break. He also has a site you can go to.

License and Copyright


OpenSkedge, technically a derivative work of Employee Scheduler, is available under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later. See src/OpenSkedge/AppBundle/Resources/meta/LICENSE for more details.

Authors and Contributors

Projects that OpenSkedge uses

Thanks to the following Employee Scheduler developers


Max Fierke
Twitter: @m4xm4n
Github: @maxfierke